National Highway Development Program and other governmental agencies are following the PPP (Public Private Partnership) model to attract private investment, improve efficiencies and reducing costs. The PPP model works on DBFOT (Design, Built, Finance, Operate & Transfer) / HAM (Hybrid Annuity Model) / TOT (Toll Operate Transfer) models.

It enables cost efficiencies for government to reduce upfront capital expenditure and provides the private sector with a great opportunity to add value by innovating and optimizing execution and operations.

We are one of the very first companies to work with several organizations on BOT / OMT model and have complete the concession period of 4 projects successfully.

  • Design – design of the project, including design of the infrastructure and model
  • Build – construction or renovation of facilities included in the project
  • Finance – financing or co–financing of the project
  • Operate – supply of applicable equipment, IT and management/delivery of services
  • Transfer – delivery and management of specified support services
  • Maintain – maintenance of hard infrastructure (facilities as well as equipment as applicable)

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