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Palkon Ki Chaon

Palkon Ki Chaon is committed to improve the well-being of the pregnant females and the recent mothers by providing them proper nutrition health services.

We aim to diligently work towards giving them the best possible care so the growth of the child and mother is uncompromised, leading to happy mother & new-born ,safeguarding the health of our future generations.

We cater to their medical requirements by providing them the necessary medicines from time to time.

Till now we have provided nutritional kits to more than 5000 females and conducted many pregnancy care awareness programs by senior gynecologists. We have arranged many medical camps and conducted free medical check-ups for women and distributed medicines as per the prescription.

We aim to give them the best possible care, safeguarding the health of future generations.

We have a strong belief system that a Healthy Mother gives birth to a Healthy Baby!