Central Toll Data Analytic System

Central Toll Data Analytic System

At any given point, most of the Highway concessionaires operate multiple projects with multiple toll plazas across the country. PATH also operates about 60+ tolls across India. It is quite a challenge to keep track of the revenue and traffic across all your toll plaza. Further, getting this data at one place and analysis of this data is even more challenging. Even NHAI is also working towards the consolidation of its traffic data across all highways through multiple projects of their own.

So, we won’t be exaggerating, if we say that data is the most important asset for any highway and toll operation project.

With this thought in mind, we at PATH, have created a customized system to consolidate traffic and revenue data of all toll plazas, on a Central Toll Data Analytic System. The system is designed in such a way that, it takes the least possible amount of bandwidth for transferring the data to the central server. The system can incorporate industry-standard encryption and compression techniques to ensure secure data transmission. The solution can be hosted on an In-house server or on Cloud, enabling access to this data from anywhere.

With this system, the management can have access to complex data analysis at their fingertips, such as total, project wise & toll wise revenue, traffic and revenue patterns over a period, based on vehicle type, payment type, journey type, growth rates based on Y-O-Y & M-O-M, compare traffic patterns on two different toll plazas, toll collector performance, etc.

This system has been designed and continued to evolve over the last 5 years, based on our own experiences, requirements and insights in toll operations.