AI Image Processing

AI Image Processing

A decade ago, AI was the future. Today, AI is present among us. We at PATH believe in change, we believe in moving ahead with time. Hence, we have already embraced AI and incorporated it into our Toll Management System.

If you know Toll Management System, you have to know Auto Vehicle Classification (AVC) Systems. Conventional AVCs were based on Induction loops and Infrared sensors, which were costly, cumbersome to install and difficult to maintain.

We have designed and developed a Vehicle Classification System (PIR) with Open source AI algorithms for image processing, based on machine learning. The intelligent software resides on each toll lane computer and processes the images of vehicles captured by the CCTV cameras, already installed in the toll lane, to identify and classify a vehicle.

The software is tuned to identify different types of vehicles such as Pick up, Small and Light Commercial Vehicles, Vans, Car, Jeep, Tractors, Autos, Buses, and Multi-Axle vehicles with fairly high accuracy. The AI engine is trained by feeding it thousands of images of each vehicle type.

This AI software enables us to eliminate the need of physical dedicated hardware and maintenance of conventional AVC systems and the good thing is, it can be trained again, and again, and again